Gunpowder London Food Tasting Reveiw

Gun Powder | London Indian Home style Kitchen Seating is very small and mainly of a street food out let Result being people end up queuing as there is only 20 or more seating…

Food Tasting Gunpowder London

GunPowder In this Short Video of food tasting at gunpowder we tried to capture few great food pictures that shows the cooking and texture. few of the dishes tasted Rasam (our recipe-)…

Recipe for kikkoman SEA TROUT confit and torched

Seatrout 400 gm seatrout for Curing 100g muscavado sugar 100g maldon salt 2g grated kaffir lime zest 50g kikkoman soy sauce For confit 200g clarified butter 20g kaffir lime leaf Lightly pickled…


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